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JapanXReader Ninja-Imprisoned

(Name) stared at the landscapes in front of her, she sighted, lost again. Quickly putting her sword in her belt she started shuffling a little quicker. She had only took a few steps when (Name) realized that she wasn't the only one in this deserted landscape. Her grip tightened on her sword, it was hidden under her cloak. She could tell somebody was there from the corner of her eyes.
Sure from the outside she looked like an innocent girl... a little more muddier though. She pushed a strand of her hair behind her ears, her hands clutching the basket she was carrying. She fixed her stare on the ground, becoming more and more aware of the places and people around her. She stopped and glanced around, trying to seem as if she'd just heard something, as if she was an innocent girl who wasn't hiding her sword. (Name) continued on walking, a little quicker. In the blink of an eye she was facing a few people. She'd been surrounded. (Name) looked at th
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 188 80
JapanXReader: A Day at the Pool
“Come on Kiku!!” You persisted.
“No,” Your japanese friend repeated.
You sighed. You floated on your back with a pool noodle in you hands wearing a (color/style) bathing suit. Kiku sat up on the patio under an umbrella refusing to look at you because he claimed it was ‘indecent’.
It was only you and Kiku at the moment but your friends Ludwig and Feli said they would be over in an hour or so once Luddy got off work.
“Its a bathing suit, Kiku, lighten up,” You complained.
He just shook his head and stared at a manga in his hands. You dunked your head under the water and resurfaced.
“You’re going to have a heat stroke,” You added. He was fully clothed in him normal long sleeved white uniform.
He shook his head again, “I have this umbrella,” he comprised.
You adjusted yourself on to the pool noodle. You were determined to get Kiku into the pool.
“You can float around on a spring float,”
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 295 232
Mature content
Emperor! China x Servant! Reader LEMON :icontwirltheflag:twirltheflag 623 185
Papa!Italy x Sick!Child!Reader - The Drawing
(Name) quietly scribbled on her notebook. A huge smile was on her face. Feliciano , her father , was right beside her. His eyes were misty , filled with tears that are about to fall.
Pain and bitterness filled his heart , but seeing his precious (Name)'s smile washed them off.
The young girl coughed and wheezed. Worry was written all over Feliciano's face. Quickly rushing to her side he gently stroked her back , making her feel some relief. "A-are you'a okay bella?". (Name) looked at him , a faint smile on her face. "Si papa.. I'm okay". Feliciano sighed , still rubbing her back. (Name) exhaled and continued drawing. The Italian stood up
and walked towards the window. Slowly wiping of the tears that escaped his eyes. Seeing his only angel , suffering such dreadful illness was too much for the usual cheerful man to bear.
"Papa! Papa! Look what I drew! Its you!". An energetic (Name) says showing her drawing
to Feliciano. "Vee~! That's amazing (Name)! You're a really good artist bella"
:iconhazelnaughty:HazelNaughty 666 668
Romano X Reader Stop that!
"Loviiii, please stop being like that." You begged your grumpy Italian while you stroked his cheek gently. He only growled and crossing his arms, he turned away. He got jealous again after he saw you talking to his brother. Feli was excitedly teaching you some Italian words and cheered happily when you could say them right, making you giggle so many times. You always had fun with Feli but then you always had to deal with a moody Romano.
You sighed and shifted closer to him on the couch and leaned forward, trying to see his face. "Please, I haven't done anything wrong, why are you doing this now?" You pouted. You knew it would take a while until he calms down. This was the only think you slightly disliked in him, he would get so jealous even if you only talked a few words to anyone he didn't like, then it took hours until he hugged you again.
"I don't care." He mumbled. You leaned forward even more but turned away again, not letting you face him. "Lovi, ti amo." You put your hands on hi
:iconleakittychan:leakittychan 423 61
Forevermore (Romano x Reader)

There are times when I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night
There are times when I just want to feel your embrace
In the cold night
I just can't believe that you are mine now

I gazed out at the night sky from the open window of ____’s bedroom. They were beautiful tonight, just like any other night when I was with ____. They sparkled the same way, but her face shined more brightly than the stars did.
            Suddenly, cold arms wrapped around my waist and hugged me tight, warming me up from the cold night. I relaxed into them and rested my hands over ____’s. It was still hard to believe that ____, the super popular girl of my high school, would go out with a guy like me, Lovino, who was such a worthless fool that was always overshadowed by his brother.
            But either way, I was glad
:iconmyksz:myksz 336 135
Dirty Mind
  An odd sound caught me off guard as I headed down the hallway. I sharply turned my towards the strange noise, my body slowly following afterwards.
  Was it... groaning?
  It had to be [Name]-chan.
  But... groaning?
  It sounded...
  I shook my head abruptly in disgust. No! Surely not! Who would she be with!? She’s been in the house all day, and I doubt she would’ve invited anyone over. She wanted a day in her pyjamas, anyway; she said so herself. So she had to be alone!
  Her groans are getting more frequent.
  I couldn’t take it any longer! I just had to find out exactly what was going on in there!
  I took huge, bold strides and bounds to reach the living room, her moans and groans getting louder, louder, and more intense. Her breaths were becoming weaker and fainter, as if all oxygen was somehow escaping the
:iconkumoninjafoxx:KumoNinjaFoxx 498 328
JapanXReader - Before I Met You
Before I Met You
“Today is Kiku and I’s anniversary…” You mumbled to yourself as you rummaged
through some things of yours.
You and your boyfriend Kiku have been together for five years now, but he has been distant for quite awhile. “I wonder if he remembers what today is…” You mumbled somewhat sadly to yourself.
You pulled out a small box that contained the present you would be giving Kiku. You gave the box a weary look. This would be both an anniversary present and an apology. You thought to yourself. Maybe the reason he hasn’t visited is because you said something to upset him? Or perhaps you had done something wrong? It was hard to say really. It has actually been a week since you last saw him. He hadn’t texted you, and you haven’t texted him either.
You heaved yourself up while holding onto the small gift. Your heart ached slightly as you made your way to the front door. Maybe this was the end…? You thought to yo
:iconblondeathart221:BlondeAtHart221 31 6
Half-Cat!Germany x Tsundere!Reader
Karma hated you. You were sure of it! Your friend Heracles showed up at your doorstep with a cat. He said he needed someone to take care of him. You wanted to say 'no' and slam the door in his face, but something in your heart told you not to.
Now you had a male Russian blue lying on your couch. You decided to name him Ludwig. It was masculine and tough sounding. Despite the manly name for the feline, he wanted to wear a ribbon around his neck.
"Ludwig!!!" you yelled. Your kitty friend decided to bring a dead bird into the house and left it on the carpet outside your room.
"Bad cat!" you snapped at him. You could've sworn Ludwig did this on purpose to annoy and anger you. You called Heracles to complain, but he explained it was 'a sign of affection'. Yeah right.
Ludwig managed to annoy you countless times. He brought in dead birds, mice, bugs and fish, he stole food (mainly wurst), and liked to claw up the furniture. In return, you'd call him names, like "mangy fleabag", "stupid cat",
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 622 188
Cat!Japan x reader
Today was an average day for you. You were on your way home from the grocery store, same as usual.
"Tonight I'll have smoked salmon….or maybe salted salmon…hmm, I can't pick! (pretend you like fish if you don't)" you groaned as you turned the corner to your apartment. You approached your door when you saw a basket on your doorstep.
You quickly checked what was in the basket. A tiny black and white bob-tailed kitten was fast asleep amongst red blankets.
'Thank god it's not a baby! Who leaves stuff on people's doorsteps anymore?!' you wondered as you brought the little cat into your home.
You placed your groceries down and looked at the kitten again. A note was poking out of the blankets. You carefully yanked it out and examined it.
'Please take care of this little guy. He needs a good home. His siblings and parents already found good homes. Treat him with love and care. Thank you. Ps. He's not very social and can be shy at times' the handwriting was written in a hurry.
"I guess I'll kee
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 516 71
Cat!Canada X Reader
Matthew was all on his own. A tiny kitten no one noticed. Starving, cold and injured, he managed to find shelter from the rain in a cardboard box.
Matthew coughed and tried to clean his fur. He was weak from hunger and fatigued. He began closing his eyes when he saw a figure approach him. If it was a dog, may it end him quickly. If not, maybe it was an angel, his time might've been up. He meowed with the last of his strength before collapsing.
~Your POV~
You were walking home in the rain. No umbrella, all you could do was run home. You passed by an alleyway. You heard meowing and you froze. You looked down the alley to see a cardboard box. Inside was a little white kitten with cream colored fur around his neck and tail. He was barely breathing. You quickly shed your jacket and picked him up. You ran home in the pouring rain as you clutched the little feline close to you for warmth.
"Hang in there little guy" you muttered and quickly ran inside your house. You set him down and began cle
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 761 171
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader: [Lemon] World Attention :iconshadowlover-link:shadowlover-link 747 568
Neko!England X Reader: Spell Gone Wrong
“Are you sure you really want to try this spell again England?” England’s best friend (Name) said as she leafed through the books in one of her library shelves. “The last time you tried to do it you failed and turned invisible for three days. We only found you because Max had finally sniffed you out.” Said dog was sitting and waiting at the bottom of the ladder for (Name).
“Of course I’m sure (Name), I’ve been practicing more since then,” England said. “I’m sure I’ll get it right this time.”
(Name) pulled out the book she was looking for and handed it down to England and climbed down the latter. “Fine but at least try to be more careful this time.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be certain that there are no distractions this time.”
“Good, you know better than anyone that this spell requires a great amount of concentration. You just need to concentrate better.”
“I will
:iconsolarkittygirl:solarkittygirl 447 386
Sure Thing, Love (EnglandxReader)
"Where the bloody hell is she?"
Arthur paced around his living room, gripping his chin in aggravation, wondering where his missing girlfriend was. He gently massaged his temples, trying to calm down from his worries.
Where was Arthur's girlfriend, exactly?
-Time Reverse 6 Hours-
(Y/n) was currently sitting in the room she and Arthur shared, applying a rosy red lipstick on her plump lips. She had made plans to go out with some long time friends from her home of (hometown).
"Are you going out tonight, love?"
Arthur stood outside the room, leaning on the door frame. (Y/n) looked at Arthur from her mirror and smiled.
"Yeah. A couple of my girlfriends called me up, telling me that they were in town, and asked me to join them."
Taking one last look at herself, (y/n) stood up from the stool, and walked towards Arthur; jacket and purse already in hand.
"Bye Arthur. I'll see you in a couple hours."
"Be safe, love."
The two lovers shared a short,  kiss before (y/n) walked out down the steps
:iconxxrawrmomoxx:XxRAWRmomoxX 255 32


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